Getting back to feeling like yourself.


We know that cancer treatments can throw up many a style issue. We know that matters to you. 

Changes to your body may result in you needing an entire new wardrobe, or parts of your wardrobe may need resetting for a part of your body you don’t yet know. 

We know inactivity can mean weight gain and loss of self-confidence. 

We know that chemotherapy treatment may mean that you lose your hair, or that when your hair returns it’s totally different. You may have lost your eyebrows or eyelashes.

We know that radiotherapy can result in you needing to cover up all year around because your skin will always be sensitive to the sun. We know that not everyone wants to show their scars.

We also know that medication can lead to sweating, lymphedema, skin discolouration and listlessness.

We get it, because we’ve been through it too.

Our team is busy sourcing local people who can help: stylists, designers, specialists and therapists, all with expertise in helping people like us to navigate this path.

We’ll be adding more local services soon to give you style support when you need it.


Discreet wig service plus indulgent treatments and pampering.

T 01225 478478

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Professional advice and comprehensive styling service.

T 07796 415367

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Jennifer Bolton

A personal, positive & empathetic wig service in the comfort of your own home.

T 07849 689165

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Brow Works

Alison is a trained artist that brings a refreshing dimension to brows.

T 07891 739478

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