Join our Friday Get-Togethers!


The fabulous Sarah McKenzie tells you why you should give it a go.

We meet every Friday for a relaxed chat over brunch/juice/tea in Bath’s Cafe Walcot to talk about anything related to living with cancer. That’s diagnosis, coping with ongoing treatments, recovery, long-term effects on health, or even the trials of being a cancer carer.

We also chat about the impact of cancer on working, exercising, nutrition, relationships, and more. There’s no agenda and no judgement – it’s just a wonderful warm safe space where you can listen to, learn from and chat with others who have been affected by cancer.

We regularly invite guests to share their knowledge and experience with the group. So far, we’ve hosted nutritionists, fitness instructors and We Hear You counsellors, as well as representatives from Penny Brohn and Dorothy House Hospice Care.

I went through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2017 and this has had long-term physical and psychological effects that I am still working through. I would have loved to have had this opportunity to meet like-minded men and women of a similar age and outlook when I was in treatment. Meeting Sue, the nutritionist on the We Get It team, has inspired me to be more thoughtful about how the right foods can help with healing – I’ve even cut out sugar!

Here’s what some of our other regulars have to say about the Get-Together:


“I’ve finished cancer treatment but that doesn’t mean I’ve left cancer behind, as I live daily with the effects it has had on my life. And that’s really where the weekly meet-up comes in – a chance to meet with others who are going through a similar experience, a safe place to offload, seek advice or even help others who are more recently diagnosed. 

The venue makes it a truly pleasurable experience too; a bright, stylish cafe with amazing food and drink on offer. The weekly meet-up is what I look forward to all week!”


“I have recently come into contact with the We Get It group who have a coffee morning each week held in the trendy Cafe Walcot in Bath.

My treatment for breast cancer had finished at the end of the year and I suddenly felt a bit of a lull after the intensity of the past months of treatment, so it was amazing to find this very welcoming and supportive group of people. I felt inspired by their positivity, advice and stories, and every week it’s different with different people passing through. It really sets me up for the week ahead.

I left the group early one Friday. There were about eight people that week, and as I glanced back I saw this vibrant group busy chatting, relaxed and laughing – no one would realise the journey each one had been through or was going through. It was a lovely sight to see and quite moving. If I’d just entered the cafe and looked around I would want to be part of that group!”


“I’ve still got lots of questions I need to work out for myself, but having like-minded people to chat to in a relaxed environment through We Get It is already starting to help me work through some of those questions. Just as importantly, the group is helping me connect to people who do get what I am going through, giving me more routes and options to continue my emotional journey of coming to terms with my diagnosis.”

Does our Get-Together sound right up your street? Then let’s get together! Drop in any time from 10:30am to 12:30pm every Friday at Cafe Walcot.

Laura Phillips