We Get It yoga with Bath Yoga Studio


In February, we were thrilled to launch our first We Get It yoga series with the amazing Diane Lee. Diane owns Bath Yoga Studio and is a very experienced teacher. She was particularly well placed to take our mixed-ability group through the three-week programme, as she herself has been touched by cancer.

It was great to see some new faces, as well as We Get It regulars, at our first workshop designed for people affected by cancer. Everyone who attended had been unwell themselves at some point, facing different types of cancer and with different experiences of treatment.

The series was carefully designed by Diane to provide us with a safe and welcoming space. Many of us were nervous about being in a class environment because of physical limitations or inexperience, and some of us were still processing our cancer journey, meaning that emotions were very close to the surface. This proved to be a positive in the end, as Diane encouraged us to be in tune with our feelings. Each session was built around a different focus, including a wonderful restorative class where we were all encouraged to let mind and body truly relax.

Everyone agreed it was a fantastic programme and we loved meeting each other. Huge thanks to Diane for her sensitive approach, energy and time, and we hope we can run another yoga series together very soon.